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       All Specials and Menu Items are available for            Take Out. Please call ahead 315-357-4000

  Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks and Soda are also available for Takeout.

                        New at The Ole Barn
                 Fried Chicken Family  Meals
      8 pieces of Fried Chicken with 2 sides and 4 rolls
     12 pieces of Fried Chicken with 3 sides and 6 rolls
      16 pieces of Fried Chicken with 4 sides and 8 rolls
      20 pieces of Fried Chicken with 5 sides and 10 rolls
                                      $55.99 Side choices are Homemade Macaroni Salad, Baked Beans and 
Cole Slaw

Friday  Fresh Haddock   Fried or Broiled                   $13.99
         Prime Rib                                                        $23.99

                                                                 Daily Specials
        Open Prime Rib Sandwich W/FF      $14.99
        Homemade Meatloaf                           $14.99
        Veal Parmesan served on Pasta          $17.99 
         Sole stuffed with scallops and crab   $15.99
        BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with FF     $12.99
        Crab Cakes                                               $15.99
         BBQ Ribs 1/2 Rack 17.99 Whole Rack  21.99

Cajun Shrimp or Shrimp Scampi served on rice $15.99

        Nacho Platter
Nachos, homemade chili, melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,                       onions, topped with sour cream and salsa                                        $10.99
         Buffalo Chicken Salad   
Large garden salad topped with Hot or                      Mild Chicken, Crumble Bleu Cheese, Celery, and                            $10.99
                Creamy Bleu Cheese dressing served on the side.                                                                                                           


         Homemade Dessert Specials

Three Layer Carrot Cake    
          Apple Dumplings
          Peach Cobbler
          Cherry Cobbler
           Tollhouse Pie


We also have Homemade Cookies, Homemade                Cinnamon Rolls and Homemade Muffins




The Ole Barn Restaurant
74 Limekiln Lake Rd.
Inlet, NY 13360
(315) 357-4000

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